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We are passionate about understanding the influence sport and exercise can play in changing people’s lives and particularly their mental health . Our shared stories are the focal point of Sporting Heads and provide a crucial opportunity to explore and celebrate how people are using sport and exercise to improve their mental health or manage mental illness. A platform to promote personal journeys, communities and initiatives and provide a deeper understanding of the impact of  exercise on mental health.

If you feel your experiences could help others we’d love to hear from you. Perhaps you use sport and exercise to improve your mental health.  Maybe you have turned to exercise to cope with mental illness or a difficult period in your life? Or you have taken on a physical challenge to raise awareness or move forward in life?

Our shared stories can be written from your own words or written with us through an online or personal interview. They can be a full life story or just a short description of an event or experience. Whatever works best to describe your experiences – you will have full approval of what is published and it can remain completely anonymous if you prefer.

Writing down your experiences can be extremely therapeutic and if your story inspires just one person to look at sport differently then it will be worth sharing. Our previous authors are an incredibly supportive community too.

If you would like to chat some more about sharing your story, let us know a few details in the form below. It will be treated in complete confidence.

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