About Sporting Heads

I created Sporting Heads to shine a light on the people who are using sport, exercise and movement to change their lives, manage their mental health or cope with mental illness. Behind the increasing community of runners, triathletes, swimmers, yogis and fitness fanatics there are fascinating personal stories which can help us explore the true benefits of sport and physical activity beyond just the physical ones.

Sporting Heads was a standalone project designed to go beyond the commonly used statement that “exercise is good for mental health”. By talking to people and publishing these very personal conversations and experiences we hoped to better understand the real mental health benefits of exercise: lifestyle changes, new communities, coping with mental illness, overcoming personal tragedies, changing self confidence.

Thank you for all those that contributed, shared and supported this project which will remain online for as long as we feel it adds value


About Me


Sam Dale is the creator of Sporting Heads.