Sporting Heads
Exploring the impact of Sport and Exercise on Mental Health

Thank You To Everyone Who Has Contributed

These amazing people took the time to write and share their experiences on Sporting Heads. Very personal and often emotional stories to provide inspiration for others to look at sport differently

Clare W

Clare is a fitness instructor based in the New Forest

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Sam D

Sam is an open water swimmer and founder of Sporting Heads.

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Elspeth Van Der Hole

Elspeth is a fashion photographer, illustrator and writer based in London.

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Stephen Peel

Stephen Peel is a dad, photographer and adventurer cycling around the world.

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Darren Kelly

Darren is a triathlete, train driver, husband and very proud Dad

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James Martin

James is a normal, happily married man who has fought depression and anxiety for more than 25 years.

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Karen S

Busy working mum to two humans and two cats. Mermaid in training.

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Jessica Robson

Jess is the founder of the community running group Run Talk Run

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Matt 'Mills' Miller is co-founder of Ustwo, JFDI Podcaster and an ultra runner

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Karen Galpin

Married mum of two, Lives in the Cotswolds. Enjoys running, yoga and baking.

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Hannah G

Hannah is an outdoor educator and mental health blogger

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